Obtaining funds

We have specialists with experience in projects writing and implementing, having to date more than 70 projects completed in various fields of activity. We can guarantee professionalism and promptness, flexibility in establishing the means of payment of services provided and we always assume not only the success but also the risk alongside with our clients, therefore we charge the highest part of the commission only when the project is approved for funding.

• Identification of the clients’ needs and the possibilities of non-reimbursable financing
• Verification of the applicant’s eligibility and the costs proposed based on the project
• Identification of the financing solutions of the beneficiary’s contribution (bank credits, guarantee funds)
• Preparing financing documentations (business plan, evaluation studies, grant application, supporting memoranda, etc.)
• Managerial assistance throughout the project development
• Managerial assistance for the project implementation (purchases, payments, addenda documentations, progress reports, etc.)