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Data Finance Group

DFG has been providing accounting, consultancy, payroll and financial audit services for 15 years. With a considerable seniority in the Romanian business environment, DFG has more than 300 national and multinational companies in its portfolio. Since 2001 it has been a member of the Body of Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants in Romania (CECCAR).

The success formula of our company combines a team of experts, systematised modern procedures and the latest accounting technologies. DFG clients benefit from custom-made services, taking into consideration the characteristics of their business.

The services of the financial company DFG stand out in the Romanian market from the perspective of being tailored considering each individual client: complete financial statements are accompanied by the recommendations of software specialists and surveillance controllers, which allows accurate, efficient records properly adjusted to each business.

Each client benefits from a dedicated team of professionals in the field, specialized in your business profile: accountant, accounting software specialist and accounting or controlling manager.

The vision of our company is fuelled by the passion to help clients to analyse their financial information so that they can adopt the best decisions for the financial evolution of their business.

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